Farmers Finance of Rs. 3362 crores on NeML e-Pledge


NCDEX e Markets Ltd. (NeML)’s e-Pledge is a unique service which leverages NeML’s domain expertise in the commodity spot markets to bring together critical stakeholders – the Borrowers (primarily Smallholder Farmers, Traders, Aggregators and Processors), the Warehouse Service Providers (WSPs) and the Lenders (primarily Financial Institutions like Banks) on a single, robust online platform.  Continue reading “Farmers Finance of Rs. 3362 crores on NeML e-Pledge”

‘Recognise & Reward’: How UMP is helping create ‘One Nation, One Market’ for Agriculture


When it comes to agriculture market reforms to enhance farmers’ income, the success story of Karnataka’s Unified Market Platform (UMP)* stands out. By seamlessly connecting all 157 mandis (APMCs) in the State through the UMP and introducing the ‘Unified License’ – a single trading license for purchase and sale of agricultural produce through any APMC in the State – Karnataka has pioneered in successfully creating India’s first State Agriculture Market (SAM).

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UMP: The Next Game Changer After GST?

With ‘One Nation, One Tax’ becoming a reality in the form of GST, India has now taken a firm step towards realising its goal of becoming ‘One Nation, One Market’ for Agricultural Commodities. However, Agricultural Marketing being a State subject, special attention needs to be given by the States to be part of this grand vision. A good example is the market reforms undertaken in the State of Karnataka through the Unified Market Platform (UMP) – an Online e-Trading Platform for Agricultural Produce. Continue reading “UMP: The Next Game Changer After GST?”

Muzzafarpur’s Litchi Growers increase margins by selling on NeML’s FFresh platform.

Litchi 2

Until recently, every summer, Litchis were as ubiquitous as Mangoes in most markets in North and Central India but available only in a few select markets in West and South India. This was quite understandable because Litchis, which are predominantly grown in Bihar – most notably in it’s northern district of Muzzafarpur, have a very short harvest season of 2 months (May – June), and a shelf life of only 1-2 days. While Air transport could have worked well for Muzaffarpur’s Litchi Growers to expand their market reach, poor margins due to a long chain of intermediaries played an impeding role, until now.

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